things to check before you move into a new-home

things to check before you-move into a new home

14 Jan

Buying a new home is exciting, but keeping track of all the things to do before moving in is a task. While it’s easy to put the new home on the back burner when packing, completing a few designs in the house while it’s yet empty can save you a lot of headaches in the future.

Keep reading to discover all of the projects you should complete before giving your first day in your home.

Your Checklist for Moving into a New Home

Wondering what to do while you move into a new place? Consider making a serious deep clean and a few safety updates to protect your home and business before the official move-in.

Research well about the locality

When you begin the search method, choose a location that is near your workplace or college. This will not only save your commute time but also the traveling cost. However, the nearness of the locality should not be the only point. Look for the social infrastructures like markets, bank branches, hospitals, etc., as these are a must for your day-to-day living services. You would want to leave your home and belongings safe and secure. Check if the locality has CCTV inspection systems and watchmen or guards to defend your home when you are out.

Clean the House from Top to Bottom

No matter how fresh the new home looks. Cleaning a house before moving in should be a priority. There could be animal hair, dirt, or other allergens hiding almost anywhere, and there’s no backing they cleaned down the appliances as well as you’d like. Deep clean the house from top to bottom, and don’t forget these places:

Floors: Shampoo carpets, bleach tile, and mop wood floors to remove allergens and leftover odors.

Walls and baseboards: Dust first and then use a mild cleaner to clean them down.

Cabinets: Wipe down the inside and occupied new shelf paper to freshen the space.

Ceiling fans: Remove any leftover dust with a wet cloth.

Toilet seats: Disinfect these (if you’re not replacing them).

Light fixtures: Remove and scrub any glass globes to get relieved of dirt.

Check Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors could be damaged or have old batteries. Replace all batteries and test them completely before reinstalling. If your new home came with carbon monoxide detectors, test them and check them for a production date. If it is more than five years old, consider replacing it.

Visit area businesses

Checking out local businesses. "Whether it's the coffee shop or the local massage community, your nearby stores are a part of what makes finding a region you love so important," Young tells us. "They'll be the places where you meet neighbors, and spending time there will help you feel connected to the neighborhood."

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